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“Great Lengths Hair Extensions utilizes only 100% human hair, healthy, soft and naturally textured virgin Indian remy hair extensions. The hair is gathered so that all cuticle layers are aligned in the same direction, with every strand uniform in color, texture and diameter. Each strand is pre-bonded with a patented protein polymer – a chemical compound that mimics human hair’s molecular keratin structure. The protein polymers are activated when an advanced high fusion frequency great lengths machine is used to attached the hair extension strands to the human hair.”

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“Great Lengths pre-bonded keratin hair strands are made in standard, fine and extra fine width for all different hair types and textures. In addition to hair widths for hair types and texture, Great Lengths Hair also offers straigh and wavy textures. Because of the integrity of this hair, Our salon can perform chemical and color services to customize the strands to meet each and every client perfectly. This is an option ONLY with Great Lengths Hair Extensions.”

“For every client, the design decision begins with a vision of the finished form and shape of the hair design effect desired, and a “Free Hair Makeover Consultation.”

At the consultation, our stylists will discuss the vision of the finished and desired look and feel of your future hair extensions, as well as desired texture and color effects.

We will also discuss, length of hair needed, volume of hair desired, and how many bundles of Great Lengths hair needed that will be used in perfecting your total makeover.

Please contact us via our website or call (800) 465-7060 today to schedule your totally “Free” Hair Extension and Hair Design Makeover at our Salon.

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